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Strong Aurora 2023-11-05 QSO on 432 MHz Best DX G4KUX 1065 Km

The Aurora were well timed in the afternoon on a Sunday which probably favored the activity, good strength also with Bz -15 to -20 for many hours


TROPO opening QSO 432 and 144 MHz 2309

Tropo02-09_9_23 kopiera.jpg

Aurora 221207 144 MHx Best DX R3MW QRB 1530 Km


Tropo QSO 432 MHz 221113

Tropo QSO 144 MHZ 221204

TR 70CM 221113.jpg

Tropo QSO 144 MHz 181122 ODX RV6AKA 2436 Km Swedish Tropo record and RZ6DD 2447 Km

Tropo 221004.jpg

Aurora E QSO 150711 with LA/SM4IVE

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