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About me SM4GGC

Born in 1953 and has worked with mobile communications and telecommunications since 1973. I was interested in ham radio early when I was 14-15 years old together with my younger brother SM6FGN. My brother learned CW rely fast so he did get his license for ham radio at 16 years age but I struggled some more years with CW before I could pass the test for ham radio.


In the mean time was I building radio equipment transmitters, receivers and antennas that my brother could operate from our parents house. First years was it for short wave but just when I was ready to pass my license for ham radio did I discover VHF 2 M and the thrill to make long distance QSO via tropo and aurora


When I got licensed 1973 was the plan to build a station at my parent’s summer house located at JO69XB with good take off and free horizon over lake Varnern perfect for VHF. At this time was there no electricity at the house so a gasoline generator was the solution. Antennas for 2 M was growing from 2x13 el, 4x12 el and to a 8 times 12 el NBS homemade yagis mounted in a circle se picture under old stuff. I was active with MS and EME on 2 M until 1983.


There was a long time of QRT between 1983 to 2011. Since May 2011 are I on the air again and not surprised that many of the guys from 70-80'ts still is there. The thrill and excitement is still living for ham radio. The video to the right is recorded 2013 by TV4 in sweden

ARRL EME 2021 Diploma_ny.jpg
ARRL EME 2019 diplom.jpg
CQWWVHF test 2017.jpg
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