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My QTH is now about 8 Km north of Karlstad centrums on a little hill called Skare mountain 75 M ASL (not much to montain hi hi). Well I have a some god take of to the south as lake Varnern is there within 10 Km.


I am using a Kenwood TS-2000 as main tranceiver that are modified with separate RX antenna connections. To get it stability on freqency the fan also can be sett to constant speed.


SDR-play RSPdx is used to spectrum viewing on 50, 144 and 432 MHz with the exelent software SDR Console Version 3.1 


AFEDRY SDR AFE822 is used with Linrad 5.01 and MAP65 V3 for digital modes Q65 and JT65. 


On 18 m Versatower antennas for 6m, 2m and 70cm

2m: 4x12 el. Preamp HA1YA SCP2. Pa italab1000 with about 800W at the antennas


70cm 4x26 el YU1CF, Preamp Khune MKU LNA 432A  PA  Italab palett in shack with about 450W at the antennas

6m 2X5 El and Preamp EME220 from Minikits Australia


On the roof of the house

70cm Vertical mount antennas 4x21 el Tona

Antenn 2310117.jpg
Front QSL_SM4GGC ny.jpg
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